Welcome to Southern Maine!

Whether you’re contemplating moving here, or have lived here all your life, Southern Maine is a place of charm, beauty and diverse culture, populated by folks with friendly Down East values.

While Maine’s allure has gone largely unnoticed by much of the outside world, we note with great pride that Maine has been constantly and consistently listed in various publications — both print and online –as being in the top tier of the very best places to live, raise children or retire in the United States.

Quality Down East Living

The beauty of Maine ranges from pristine mountain meadows to the west and open ocean vistas of the rocky New England coast, there is likely something to satisfy everyones dream!

Great Schools & Communities

Our great schools, low unemployment, low crime rate and our all-around high standard of living have combined to create a highly positive effect on the Southern Maine economy and the real estate market. Southern Maine real estate has benefited from having a relatively insulated economy and has been–and is expected to continue to be — filled with somewhat appreciating housing stock within a community of diverse and concerned citizens

Perfect Location

Although far from the hustle-bustle of Boston, we are within comfortable driving distance to Eastern or Atlantic Canada, have international travel available from Portland International Airport (PWM) and are a short two hour drive to Boston, we also have regular commuter rail service (The Downeaster) directly to Boston!

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